General terms and conditions

Art. 1. The agreement between the creditor and the client is concluded once the client has accepted the quotation. Said acceptance is not subject to formal requirements. Any obligations not met after said acceptance is considered a breach of contract. 

Art. 2. The agreement is subject to the provisions of the CMR convention (Convention on the contract for the international carriage of goods by road of 19 May 1956, Belgian Official Gazette 08 November 1962), the law of 03 May 1999 regarding the transport of goods over the road (Belgian Official Gazette 30 June 1999) as well as to the general terms and conditions described below. 

Art. 3. The client is bound to payment of the invoice. Subject to contractual clauses to the contrary between the parties, the invoices will be payable thirty calendar days after the invoice date. Any comments will, under penalty of inadmissibility, be directed in writing and by registered post to the creditor's registered office within thirty calendar days. 

Art. 4. All amounts mentioned in the invoice will be integrally payable. Any discounts or grace periods can only be done provided written permission has been granted by the company. 

Art. 5. Failure to make payment of the invoice on the due date, legally and without notice of default being necessary, interest will be charged at the legal interest rate. If, within a period of fifteen days following the notification of default by registered letter, the debtor continues to be in default, the amount of the claim will moreover be legally increased by 10 % with a minimum of 125 euros as a fixed compensation for the additional administrative costs, monitoring the debtors portfolio and trade distortion. 

Art. 6. No debt settlement may be applied between the price and any amounts claimed by the client. 

Art. 7. The various claims against the client, even if they are related to different shipments and goods, form one single and indivisible claim for which amount the creditor may exert all his rights and privileges. 

Art. 8. The creditor is entitled personally and without the prior permission of the court to dissolve the agreement whenever the client continues to be in default in the fulfilment of his obligations. 

Art. 9. The creditor is subject to an obligation to perform to the best of its ability. It cannot be held liable for the poor condition of the road surface or for any other circumstance that it could not have reasonably foreseen. 

Art. 10. The Commercial Court at Oudenaarde is exclusively authorised for any disputes regarding this invoice or its conditions. 

Art. 11. If one or more provisions contained in these general terms and conditions should, for whatever reason, not be applicable, the other provisions will still be valid.